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Concerted Communications

Promoting classical music is tougher than ever but at the world-renowned Berliner Philharmoniker orchestra smart PR, marketing and educational initiatives are hitting the right notes. By Elisabeth Hilsdorf.

Dealing with an ‘Alien’ Invader

A major social marketing campaign was implemented in a bid to limit the spread of an unwanted organism in New Zealand’s lakes and rivers. Judith Hamblyn sets out this successful programme in detail.

The Value of Ideas

Graham Goodkind believes that the most important thing an agency does is create intellectual property and that the delivery of great ideas should be reflected in fee calculation.

New Game, New Roles – and Now it’s Personal

In order to succeed in social media, PR professionals need to develop a trustworthy public profile and build personal networks with journalists, bloggers, influencers and peers. By Christina Forsgård.

Personal Branding is a Passport to Success

Branding is for more than corporations and consumer goods. A clear sense of who you are and how you present yourself can boost your career prospects, asserts Ruxandra Catalina Dorobeti.

A Passion for the Arts

George Affleck advocates an integrated communications approach for promoting arts organizations.

The United States is a Foreign Country, too

A lot has been said and written about the embarrassing blunders made by Americans as they grapple with different cultures around the world. But, writes Gary Wells, global businesses have made their fair share of humiliating mistakes in the U.S. too, and sh

Connective Tissue for a ‘Glocal’ World

As Worldwide President of one of the largest global PR organizations, IPREX, Kathy Tunheim sees a need for new ways of balancing global scale and local expertise in building brands and reputations.

Turning Good Relationships into Great Ones

The relationship between client and agency is notoriously hard to get right and harder still to sustain. Suki Thompson offers advice on avoiding the pitfalls and delivering what clients crave.

Measuring the Long Tail

Claire Spencer believes a paradigm shift is necessary whereby measurement of PR effectiveness is considered from the perspective of the target audience.
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