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Social media crisis: what’s your excuse for ignoring the danger?

Many organisations still have their heads in the sand when it comes to social media crisis planning – and as a result are inviting damage to their reputation. By Dennis Landsbert-Noon and Marek Zaremba-Pike.

Gender imbalance: why is the female-dominated PR industry still led by men?

Although women account for a significant majority of PR practitioners in many countries, men still occupy the lion’s share of top jobs. By Elina Melgin.

Rethinking CSR: Public Relations and the advance of meaning-making through the corporate persona

There is a major role for PR to play in conveying the persona of an organization in a manner that allows it to claim it is immersed in the everyday life of its stakeholders. By Burton St. John III.

Crisis management planning: why a new reality demands a fresh approach

Organisations must revisit five areas within their crisis planning to ensure they are well prepared to protect their reputation when threats arise. By Jonathan Hemus.

Banking on arts in Asia: how financial institutions are leveraging sponsorships into cultured and compelling public relations platforms

Banks and other financial institutions in Asia have become increasingly discerning in carving out their own niches in arts sponsorship. By Mike Bruhn.
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