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Medicinal therapy: Big Pharma goes to counselling

If the pharmaceutical industry were personified it would have bitter pills to swallow, might feel aggrieved at being so misunderstood and could benefit from a psychotherapy session, imagines Daniel Kent.

Leading, not just communicating: why economic literacy and business knowledge are so vital for public relations professionals

Mastery of basic economics and finance is called for if PR practitioners truly wish to lead the organizations they serve. By David Remund.

How to start a movement: creating campaigns that change behaviour and influence public policy

Organisations can harness ‘people power’ to lead a movement for social change. By Louise Robertshaw.

If you build it, they won’t come: why marketing strategy matters for startups

Startup founders often concentrate intently on creation and development while marketing strategy gets pushed into the background. The result is little or no sales, and waste of time and money. Here’s how to refocus, says Mike Lemon.
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