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When Sustainability and Cost-Cutting Collide

Sustainability has become a mantra for many organisations, but with few corporations immune to the impact of the difficult global economy, are some of the tenets of sustainability being forsaken amid the pressure to cut costs? Christoph Schwartz considers

Building Trust in a Shrinking World

Times have changed in the 16 years since Mike Regester set up his crisis management agency. Technology and a hugely accelerated news cycle have had a profound effect, yet the ‘soft skills’ needed to safeguard reputation have never been more important.

Playing it Safe with Gambling

Online sports betting site Betfair faces many challenges as it seeks to build its business across Europe including a complex regulatory hierarchy, opposition from state-owned monopolies and consumer sensitivity towards gambling. Tim Phillips sets out a pub

Re-defining the Role of Public Private Partnerships

By extending the scope of Public Private Partnerships to involve civil society, Harriet Mouchly-Weiss believes the enlightened self-interest of Corporate Responsibility can deliver even greater benefits for businesses and the wider world.

Roy Mitchell’s 40-Year Journey

Sunity Maharaj reviews a broad and incisive book by Roy Mitchell (pictured) a greatly admired figure in Caribbean Public Relations.

Viva Peru!

A personal report from Richard Linning on IPRA World Congress XIX in Lima, Peru 1/3 June 2010.

Keeping Multinational Companies Relevant in China

Sheer market size and robust economic growth mean that China remains an attractive proposition. But how can MNCs thrive at a time of waning enthusiasm for foreign partnerships? By David Ketchum.

Where The Truth Lies

Information proliferates as never before and it is harder than ever to establish the veracity of a story. With so many ‘facts’ open to interpretation, transparency and truthfulness should be at the heart of all PR activity, asserts Julia Hobsbawm.

No Room for Negativity in the Boardroom

Although CEOs understand the importance of corporate reputation, too few companies have programmes in place for measuring and improving it, writes Peter Hehir.

Changing Client Demand in Germany

2009 was the worst year for the German PR industry in decades. With budgets for bells and whistles disappearing, qualities like craftsmanship and personal relations are becoming more important again. Ulrich Gartner believes PR agencies may be able to grow
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