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Malaysia Airlines’ annus horribilis: crisis management lessons learnt

There are five key lessons to be learnt from the two terrible crises that hit Malaysia Airlines in 2014. By Jonathan Hemus.

Building corporate reputation: five core elements that must be in balance

What is reputation management and how can organisations get it right? Keeping a finger on the pulse of what matters to different stakeholder groups is a good place to start. By Regine le Roux.

Reshaping PR: diversity and a dynamic communications function

As technology evolves and audiences shift, it is those organizations able to put together communications teams with diverse backgrounds, skillsets and perspectives that stand the best chance of success. By Serda Evren.

Catalysing action: addressing climate change by recognising competing priorities

The intensity of the debate on climate change gives the impression that a lot has been achieved. All too often, however, there has been noise at the expense of action. By Stuart Neil.

Innovation, redefined: disruptive advances that are meaningful and sustainable

Real innovation is about more than making something cool and trendy. It should be about listening to people, finding unmet needs and improving lives. By Mark Stephenson.
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