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ITL #248 Bottom up? Thumbs up: how to turn employees into real brand ambassadors

Specialty chemicals solutions supplier ALTANA has achieved high levels of employee engagement and brand advocacy by involving its people in developing the guiding principles that inform corporate strategy. By Andrea Neumann.

ITL #247 Selling human: navigating audience engagement in the age of influence

In today’s world, conversation is the expectation. You should build relationships with target tribes by seeding and sharing relevant content. By Dr. Simeon Mellalieu.

ITL #246 Investor relations: juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary communications

Traditional IR tools still have their place but it stands to reason that reaching out to investors must take into account the vast array of channels presently available. By Richard Tsang.

ITL #245 PR and proud: why a new agency is happy to wave the public relations banner

Some agencies have forsaken the PR descriptor as too limiting. Yet clients need good public relations more than ever. By Ellen Raphael and Brendon Craigie.

ITL #244 The Costa Concordia tragedy: how the trial turned into a meta-story

The sinking of cruise ship Costa Concordia was a terrible tragedy. The ensuing trial and its coverage held up a mirror to society and the media. By Luciano Luffarelli.
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