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ITL #177 Strategies for managing crises: allegations at educational institutions

There are five make-or- break fault lines when crisis strikes. Proactive planning and a set-up that allows for immediacy are vital in reducing the risk of reputational damage. By Sandy Lish.

ITL #176 The ‘Pan Arab’ fallacy: Why one size fits none in the Middle East.

Many brands still make a mess of their communications in the Middle East. But those getting it right are achieving high levels of engagement. By Saada Hammad and Jeff Chertack.

ITL #175 Hybridisation of Communications and Marketing: end results in mind

In an outcome-based era, the challenge is to strike a perfect balance between disruption and credibility. By Rachana Panda.

ITL #174 CRO: are CCOs up to the job?

There is momentum behind the emergence of the Chief Reputation Officer. Yet understanding of the role remains sketchy. By Peggy Simcic Brønn.
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