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ITL #275 - The game has changed: stop managing issues, solve them!

Simply trying to manage an issue is no longer enough. The public expects companies to tackle difficult problems head-on. By Christiaan Prins

ITL #274 - A media industry in flux: how it hurts brands, industries and even economies

The embattled media industry faces multiple challenges and, with revenues under pressure, continues to struggle. Cost-cutting has led to a decline in seasoned journalists, which may have dire consequences. By Stella Wink.

ITL #273 - The tricky subject of money: should clients define budgets upfront for PR agencies?

Agencies must gain clarity early on from clients over approved budgets in order for a workable, mutually beneficial relationship to develop. By David Landis.

ITL #272 Mining for trust: five ways to turn around mistrust and disengagement

The mining industry has not proved adept at telling its own story. That needs to change. By Warrick Hazeldine.
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