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CIVITAS Global – Story of a Cross-Border Merger

Ceyda Aydede and George Flessas explain the reasons behind the merger of Turkish PR firm Global Tanitim and its Greek counterpart CIVITAS.

Pampers Grows by Helping China’s Parents

Procter & Gamble’s global diaper brand Pampers sought to provide parents in China with much-wanted baby-care information. Athena Wang explains how a mix of e-PR and carnival events created awareness and boosted sales.

Going Global... and Taking Employees With You

Inge Wallage explores some of the internal communications challenges facing a major energy company that went Fortune 50 following a merger in 2007.

PR Navigators Wanted!

With the changing media landscape, companies in Germany expect new qualities from their communication consultants. Astrid von Rudloff assesses new corporate needs and their implications for agencies and their service offerings.

New Opportunities in the Arab World

Sustained prosperity, media diversity and tangible reforms have made Arab societies more business friendly. However very few international companies operating in the region have made much effort to train local PR staff, asserts Haroon Sugich.

Search is Changing the PR Business

Ronnie Simpson talks about the biggest transformation to hit Marketing and PR in 30 years.

Deutsche in Russia

Deutsche Bank has been involved with the Russian market since the 19th century. Olga Podoinitsyna outlines the financial powerhouse’s business and communications strategy for the largest country in the world.

Respect for Modesty Hinders Creativity

Misako Ohira provides a snapshot of public relations in the land of the rising sun, where clients with Western origins differ from home-grown corporations in their attitude to self-promotion.

The Rise of the Imperial Shareholder

Hedge fund activism presents major challenges for stock market-listed corporations and their investor relations teams. Gene Marbach provides some practical tips for rebuffing unwanted approaches.

News of Fiction and Pseudo Events

Richard Linning reviews Flat Earth News, the controversial book that exposes falsehoods, distortion and propaganda in the global media – and finds that public relations is not to blame!
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