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ITL #297 - Communications: no fixed abode

Does it matter where in the organisational structure Communications sits? And what does flexibility of location say about the discipline? By Kristina Blissett.

ITL #296  - Reputation beyond borders: assessing and mitigating risk

The Jamal Khashoggi story and its global repercussions underline how important it is for multinational organisations to incorporate detailed reputational risk assessment into their strategic planning.  By Sheena Thomson.

ITL #295 Quality of thought: a factory approach kills good PR

Too many agencies put profit ahead of creativity while shepherding their people through low cost and often low value cookie-cutter training courses that don’t add any real value. By Guy Walsingham.

ITL #294 - Swimming in a sea of stories: managing and protecting brand reputation in The Middle East

Treating the Middle East as a single, undifferentiated market is a mistake when all is going well. But a one-size-fits-all approach is an even bigger error at times of crisis. By Mohammed El Batta.
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