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The Pursuit of ABN AMRO

Three European financial services giants banded together to acquire Dutch bank ABN AMRO. Wilfried Remans offers an insider’s view of the communications challenges.

Top Team Performance

The PR sector has much to learn from professional sport on what it takes to create a winning team, says Simon Quarendon.

Dealing With a Terror Nightmare

When terrorist bombers struck at London’s public transport network in July 2005, the authorities managed the crisis with a swift, sensitive and thorough response. By Paul Mylrea.

Public Trust In Brazil

Brazilians are demanding a new model of communication, says Ronald Mincheff.

Teaching Finns To Make A Fuss

Finns tend to be quiet – or at least they won’t make too much of a fuss about even very spectacular achievements. Kaija Langenskiöld says it is difficult to convince Finnish companies of the importance of communication.

Pirelli’s PR Power and Control

Maureen Kline offers insight into the communications strategy of Pirelli, a company best known for its tyres but which has diversified into a global entity with business interests in many fields.

Trends For And From Results

Keith Hunt identifies some key trends that will impact on the PR sector in coming months.

Overcoming Inefficiency

Steve Hoddinott reveals the findings of a survey into time and efficiency within the PR agency sector.

Hands On Volunteers

Mark Hass notes that personal philanthropic involvement is of great importance to the young, post-Katrina generation of Americans.

Research That Grabs Headlines

Organisations can reduce risk and build loyalty through market intelligence. Dennis de Cala writes on making market research pay off.
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