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When strategic intent becomes stale and confused: is there real value in having a vision?

Being strategic by having a vision and mission along with supporting objectives and goals is a concept that gets lectured about ad nauseam at management courses. By Regine le Roux.

Change management: PR as a transformational driving force

The highly competitive nature of markets today means corporations must evolve and change in order to stay relevant and keep ahead of the competition. By Amybel Sánchez de Walther.

A major change in attitudes: Gen X are from Mars, Gen Y are from Venus

There’s a worrying gap between what employers and marketers believe younger people want...and what they really do want. Change is coming. By Jonathan Simnett.

Media coverage of ‘anti-science’: are some issues beyond legitimate debate?

Does the pursuit of free speech and ‘balance’ warrant giving space to opinions which run counter to medical experts in just about every country? By Tony Jaques.

Transcending digital borders: How the Arab World’s PR industry is gradually integrating modern social media tools with traditional PR practices

nternet penetration in the Arab World is projected to rise rapidly over the next couple of years. As a result, maximizing social media opportunities is increasingly important. By Nidal Abou Zaki.
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