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ITL #293 - Shameless: the death of shame is killing PR

Is being shameless now a widely accepted strategy? And what does that mean for ethical PR and reputation as a calculable metric? By Gerry McCusker.

ITL: #292 - Soft power: catalyst to country branding and foreign direct investment

Museums, educational institutions and tourism play a significant role in shaping international perceptions of a location and can pave the way for investment by foreign businesses. By Farzana Baduel.

ITL #291 -  Defining the curve: the changing nature of India’s PR industry

Strategy and outcome-focused agencies are benefiting from the massive changes sweeping through India. By Jaideep Shergill.

ITL #290 European Money Quiz: gamifying education to boost financial literacy

The European Banking Federation is using fun online learning on an international scale to teach teenage schoolchildren about debt, compounding interest and other important lessons about saving and borrowing with a view to improving future financial wellbeing. By Raymond Frenken.

ITL #289 - Facing the cameras: shifting the media spotlight from CEO to CCO

Should your Chief Communication Officer* be your chief communications spokesperson? By Guy Esnouf.*Other titles are available
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