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ITL #226 Create, innovate and integrate: staying relevant in the new communication landscape

Compelling storytelling is key, as evidenced by the communication campaign around hard-hitting documentary Daughters of Mother India. By Valerie Pinto.

ITL #225 Women in the C-Suite: learning from a teenage scientist

A talented teenager’s fight to be taken seriously in the male-dominated world of STEM is inspirational and offers valuable pointers on how women can help one another succeed. By Claudia Gioia.

ITL #224 Overwork and burnout: what it really means to put your people first

Staying late in the office on a regular basis is sadly the norm for employees at many companies. But stressed, overworked staff aren’t good for business. By Nicky James.

ITL #223 PR in Brazil: when scandal hits

Companies struggling to rebuild reputation and regain a social ‘license to operate’ must tackle flaws in their corporate culture. Part of the solution lies with good communicators who understand compliance issues. By Andrew Greenlees.
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