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European Leadership: From de Gaulle to Merkel

The nature and perception of leadership today differs remarkably from that seen in the 20th century, due in part to sweeping changes to the media landscape. Nicholas Karides reflects on the challenges facing leaders, particularly those in the European Unio

The #Social Survival Manifesto: A Roadmap for Avoiding Online Reputation Crisis

gnoring the differences in attitudes, behaviour and tone that distinguish social media from traditional media is a sure-fire way to put reputation at risk. But steps can be taken that will reduce the chances of triggering a crisis. By Tom Liacas.

The evolution of segmentation: how ‘Big Data’ can help us understand the ‘new’ consumer

After a slow start, the use of data analytics is gathering pace. Those able to gain true insight into online consumption patterns and segment audiences meaningfully stand to be the big winners. By Li Hong.

Brand botox: How to inject a brand with personality that runs more than skin deep

Rejuvenating a tired brand presents many creative challenges. Not least in deciding whether a little nip and tuck is sufficient, or if a bigger overhaul is required. By Kerrie Finch.
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