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ITL # 184 Oratory, populism, slogans and newspapers: communications lessons from the EU referendum

The shockwaves of Brexit will be felt for a long time to come. What can communications professionals learn from the manner in which the campaign played out? By Simon Lewis.

ITL #183 Cross-border communication strategy: three things to consider before communicating in a new culture

Brand characteristics and local cultural norms both have a bearing on whether and how to adapt your messaging. By Kara Alaimo.

ITL #182 Leaders in waiting: what millennials value in the public relations workplace

Sometimes maligned, often misunderstood, the Millennial Generation cannot be ignored. They are the leaders of tomorrow, and increasingly of today. By Bryan Reber.

ITL #185 Experiential PR: the active engagement boom in Asia

Consumers in Asia love to record and share their experiences. As such, there are tremendous opportunities for brands to involve them in live events. By Kiri Sinclair.

ITL #181 Ethics: the heart of leadership

Even when under pressure from bosses or clients, public relation practitioners have a responsibility to ensure corporate messages are truthful and accurate. By Kirk Hazlett.
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