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fter the bubble burst: what now for Spain in the age of austerity?

Spain’s economic miracle proved to be unsustainable and the country now faces many difficulties. Yet even in tough times, opportunities remain. By Alberto Mélida.

Butterfly effect of our own: how awareness of ethical inanity can be a catalyst for change

The impact of the global financial crisis on Iceland was so profound that a new word was coined to describe the recklessness that caused the country so much economic damage. By Guðjón Heiðar Pálsson.

From data crunching to persuasion: putting insight and dialogue at the heart of communication

t’s seldom possible to influence a target audience without first listening and learning. By Luc Missinne.

Private equity in Asia: demonstrating added value to ensure sustainability

Weak branding and unclear messaging are among the reputational risk factors affecting private equity firms in Asia. By Damien Ryan and Lauren Goble.
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