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ITL #239 Putting the idea first: channel agonistic firms of the future

To influence consumers you need to combine compelling ideas with credible messengers, while remaining mindful of brand consistency. By Aman Gupta.

ITL #238 Shining a lamp on infographics: What marketers can learn from Florence Nightingale

When we think of Florence Nightingale, we of course think of the Lady with the Lamp, the pioneer of modern nursing, statistician…but do we think of her as a pioneering marketer? Hardly! Perhaps we should,. By Alice Thomas.

ITL #237 Augmented influence: how a second technology revolution will change the PR industry once again

Through interpreting and communicating the new and the next, PR practitioners have become innovators. To offer counsel on using artificial intelligence, we must understand it and use it ourselves. By Guillaume Herbette.

ITL #236 PR in public administration: greater recognition is overdue

Communications practitioners in government and other public bodies are confronted by many complicated demands. Yet all too often their work is undervalued. By Gordana Bekčić Pješčić.
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