President’s Retrospective

Philip Sheppard looks back on his 2007 presidency and casts an eye to the future.

Emotional Connection (Woof!)

It is often said that man’s best friend is a dog. Philip Sheppard forms an unexpected attachment to a bronze pooch.

From Bali and all points west to London

Philip Sheppard looks forward to a couple of major IPRA events.

Truth and Belief

Philip Sheppard ponders the ethical challenges that arise when promoting faith-based tourism, exploring what may or may not conflict with IPRA Codes.

IPRA President’s News

Philip Sheppard provides an update on his activities as IPRA President, salutes an online re-design and draws attention to some important diary dates.

President’s Perspective

Philip Sheppard explains why he has chosen Ethics in PR as the theme for his year as IPRA President and picks out a couple of key points from the new Code of Brussels that relate to the good conduct of public affairs.
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