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Facebook and Whatsapp: the pursuit of an alternative to clutter

The eye-watering valuation Facebook has put on Whatsapp is revealing as it points to the giant social network’s own weaknesses. By Tarek Lasheen.

A fine balance: 10 global communication trends

With change happening so fast, everyone in the public relations industry has half an eye on what lies just around the corner. Jeremy Galbraith identifies the major trends shaping communication for the year ahead.

Dancing with donors: when the ability of NPOs to set their own direction is compromised

In tough fundraising times, nonprofit organizations can fall prey to prominent donors calling the shots. But canny PR can help NPOs regain control. By Mina Jasarevic.

Technology as a catalyst: change pushes communication agency transformation

Far-reaching technological changes are having a profound effect on communications and brand reputation. This has huge consequences for the competence development and service models of agencies. By Tasos Pagakis.
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