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Splat the rat: responding to the influence of social media on government policy

Old-style tribal political allegiances are being eroded and governments are having to make ever more policy U-turns. Why? Because of the pressure applied via social media. By Richard Jukes.

Corporate public relations in Latin America: building committed and fruitful stakeholder alliances

Due to the professionalisation and maturity achieved by PR in the Latin American region, the discipline has become a communicational paradigm ever closer to the leadership of the corporations, with a strong influence on core business goals. By Amybel Sánch

Luxury & CSR in Asia: reconciling apparent contradiction

For businesses focused on the luxury market, CSR initiatives stand a greater chance of success if they occupy a unique niche that resonates with both the brand’s DNA and the particular society in which it operates. By Jean-Michel Dumont.

Agency leadership: PR’s perennial people problem

It’s still commonplace for agency bosses not to understand what attracts and motivates employees in terms of company culture and personal development. By Jonathan Simnett.
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