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Hot time: summer in the city

Last summer’s Gezi Park protests in Istanbul raised some profound issues relating to the future of media. Trust in Turkey’s traditional media outlets plummeted as citizens relied instead on social media for a picture of events. By Peter Walker.

Keep calm and evaluate: encouraging PR practitioners to measure effectively

Measurement has been a concern for the PR profession for the best part of a century. Today, agreeing on value from the outset lies at the heart of true insight into whether communication is effective or not. By Tom Watson.

The unrecognized democracy benefit: influencing policy in Africa

Companies wishing to influence policy in African democracies must marshal arguments that are in the wider interest and back them up with trusted, relevant statistics. By Francois Baird.

The ‘m’ powered patient: mobile and its transformative effects on healthcare

Ubiquitous access to the internet, social media channels, smartphones and tablets, coupled with innovations mean patients have the ability to take control of their own health as never before. By Elaine Cameron.

Climate change: the heat is on

Climate change is the greatest risk facing humanity, and is already imposing substantial costs. What are our obligations as IPRA Members? By Bill Royce.
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