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PRovolve or perish: back to the future of marketing

The lightning-fast rise of Digital has triggered a rethink of service models in the communications business. There is a huge opportunity here for Public Relations. By Georgios Kotsolios.

Rethinking thought leadership: make the customer your ambassador

When hit by a network outage two years ago, UK mobile provider O2 experienced a barrage of complaints and abuse on social media. But an open and honest response helped make brand ambassadors out of customers who had previously felt let down. By Simon Lloyd

An approach to the practice of external communication: global trends inside a hyper-mediatised context

The extensive use of social media has restated the role of PR practitioners through a wider field of action and growing participation inside the organisation. PR has become a strategic partner rather than an anonymous and decorative body, requiring complet

Employee advocates: unlocking the potential of your most valuable audience

How can employers realise the value of employees as influential corporate and brand ambassadors? By Richard Millar.
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