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The press release: is this Public Relations staple still relevant?

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that overworked beat reporters habitually delete press releases from overflowing inboxes after barely a second glance. This raises difficult questions about the role of this classic communications tool. By Simon Poulter

The flattening of emotion: is overreliance on social media damaging to the human psyche?

The manner in which we share information via social media has dulled our emotional responses, increasingly numbing us to atrocities and distancing us from the things that really matter. By Tarek Lasheen.

Public relations in emerging nations: What do local practitioners themselves have to say?

A research project among PR practitioners in six countries in South East Asia offers some illuminating insights into the hurdles they need to overcome in order to deliver campaigns that are both appropriate and effective in their local markets. By Graeme D
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