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Are you a leader or just a boss? Check your emotional intelligence

A bad boss inspires fear and loathing, whereas a good leader generates enthusiasm and goodwill. By Jonathan Simnett.

Leading market entry to Myanmar with CSR: a huge need for support

Although CSR is not mandatory in Myanmar, the government gives it a high priority and wants to see corporations deliver on promises to behave responsibly. By Soe Thu Ra and Brian Griffin.

Through the epigenetic keyhole: the future of healthcare

Epigenetics is the study of how chemical signals can turn genes on and off, with consequences for our wellbeing. Its growth will have a major impact on healthcare communications in the coming years. By Eliza Hazlerigg.

An army of advocates: the importance of employee trust

Employees can work wonders for, or utterly tarnish an organization’s reputation. At companies where trust levels are high, the risk of reputational damage is lower. So, how to nurture trust? By Lisa Kimmel.
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