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Rucks and Trucks

Italian truck maker Iveco has built a powerful brand for itself around its vehicles. Carlo Ennio Stasi tells us how the brand is being further developed through clever sponsorship and a wider focus on its people.

The Nordic Challenge

The Nordic region is often lumped together as one uniform mass. But, cautions Harald Bråthen, there are many disparities as well as similarities between its countries.

Berlin’s Political Renaissance

The evolution of public affairs agencies in Germany reflects a changing political landscape, writes Armin Huttenlocher.

Performance Feeds on Commitment

Cheryl Moore reveals how she and her small PR team are meeting the communications challenges of a company on the move.

Kids’ Compelling Recovery Stories

Conveying the science and emotion behind pediatric development disorders is essential in securing the right kind of exposure for a specialist children’s medical facility. By John Seng.

The Eleven Commandments of PR

Marcus Brewster, one of the leading lights of the PR industry in South Africa, offers up eleven golden rules for outstanding PR practice.

Online Newsroom Tips

Creating a media friendly newsroom on your web site can be a big factor in achieving more and better coverage. By Mark Hunter LaVigne.

A Word on Word-of-Mouth

Matt Kucharski and Crispin Manners chart the emergence of PR 2.0 and argue that those communicators adept at harnessing the power of social networks and online interest groups will achieve success through compelling recommendation.

The PR Value Argument

Convincing clients to spend more on PR can be an uphill struggle. Melanie King believes agencies need to stop backing themselves into a corner and stand up for the results they can achieve.

Is Honesty an Absolute PR Value?

With the PR ethics debate likely to run and run, Mohammed A. S. El-Astal (Dr) conducted some research into attitudes to honesty among PROs at higher education institutions spread across the globe.
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