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ITL #197 Three years from now: trends for the 2020 communicator

As the seismic year that is 2016 draws towards its close, it’s an appropriate time to consider the future, and how communications professionals should prepare for it. By Lisa Vallee-Smith.

ITL #196 RFP quandaries: the art of responding to proposals

A Request for Proposal (RFP) may represent a fantastic opportunity for building business, or be a complete waste of time. By Lisa George.

ITL #195 Media relations: The death of the sell in

Once a PR industry norm, phoning journalists to ‘sell in’ press releases has had its day. New skills are needed to deliver effective media relations. By Joshua Van Raalte.

ITL #194 Social affluence: tapping into the influencer opportunity

Signing up celebrities as the face of your brand can be expensive and may cause problems. Are social influencers a better bet? By Nicole Reaney.

ITL #193 Connecting with your audience: striking the right chord in leadership communications

In this age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, organizations need leaders able to build trust through empathy and engagement. By Shravani Dang.
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