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A new era in Caribbean diplomacy: the making of a Diplomatic Academy

The newly launched Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean has an ambitious mandate to enhance understanding and practice in the field of diplomacy. By Maria Rivas-McMillan.

All politics are local: gaining public support for age-friendly communities worldwide

Harnessing ‘gray power’ by better serving the needs of an influential older population is becoming increasingly important. By Pender M. McCarter.

A change of government: how uncertainty impacts on public affairs

The emergence of a new coalition government in Sweden following the September 2014 elections has reshaped the political landscape and has significant implications for public affairs firms. By Karl G. Rickhamre.

"I love advertising because I love lying": Seinfeld’s barbs point the way to consumer happiness

It’s time for communicators to build brands by giving proper consideration to the ‘hopeful’ consumer. By Deepa Dey.

The key to communicating clearly – box the tics

Sloppy language, jargon, cliché, padding and other forms of lazy communication can be annoying and sometimes even damaging to your prospects. It’s time to stamp out bad habits. By Jonathan Simnett.
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