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Advertising the Dentsu Way

Standfirst: The short, haiku-style form of advertising long popular in Japan is becoming more relevant to the wider world as media evolve and consumption habits change, discovers Mark Tungate.

Truth and Belief

Philip Sheppard ponders the ethical challenges that arise when promoting faith-based tourism, exploring what may or may not conflict with IPRA Codes.

Model PR in Estonia

A hardware retailer achieved plenty of positive publicity by organising a model car competition for school children. By Heikki Sal-Saller.

Class Action Floodgates Open in Australia

An upsurge in class action cases Down Under is encouraging law firms to turn to as they put their stakes in the ground. By Tony Rasman.

Search for a Crisis Solution

Using ‘paid search’ as part of the crisis management armoury can help reduce reputational damage when bad news emerges, argues Nigel Muir.

Addressing Asia’s Ascent

Rapid economic growth across large swathes of Asia has changed the commercial world and created huge branding and PR opportunities. Given the marked differences between Asia’s leading economies, what does this mean for pan-regional PR strategies, asks Daph

How to Sell Up Successfully

Keith Hunt offers tips on how to sell a PR agency, based on the collective wisdom of entrepreneurs who have gone through the M&A process.

The Time to Act is Always Now

With product recalls rising at an alarming rate, it is now critical to take practical crisis management measures to protect the reputation of your organisation and its brands. By Jonathan Hemus.

Vibrant Rioja Targets New Audience

The brief was to revitalize an Old World wine for a new generation. Patricia Clough reveals how a classic Spanish wine was positioned to appeal to a younger demographic.
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