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You say "Tomato"

Jim Walsh argues that the role of English as the lingua franca of international business can obscure important differences between markets around the world. He also says that when working across languages/cultural borders professional PR people will do wel

Communication Creates Value

The nature of public relations has changed enormously in the century since the first press release was distributed. But it is those companies that strive to be open and transparent that reap the greatest reputational rewards. By Agustín de Uribe-Salazar.

Science and the Soundbite

Although scientific research is often complex and controversial, Katrina Nevin-Ridley believes that a trend towards more proficient and proactive media relations is the right way forward.

The Real Economics of the Public Relations Profession

nappropriate methodologies for measuring the economic scale of public relations have hugely underestimated its contribution, argues Toni Muzi Falconi.

CSR is Child’s Play in Korea

A CSR programme based around raising funds for needy children in the local community underpinned the launch of Korea’s first ‘factory shopping’ centre offering upscale fashion retail at discount prices. By Courteney Jung.

Developments in our Digital World

At the beginning of the year, Results International brought together leading figures from the UK PR industry to get their thoughts on how the industry is developing in today’s digital world. A cross-section of views follows, introduced by Keith Hunt.

Gaining Respect Through Corporate Diplomacy

Robert W. Grupp has taken the concept of Public Diplomacy in Public Relations as a theme for exploration during his year as IPRA President. Here he explains why.

The Leader as Hero

In an extract from his recently published book New Strategies for Reputation Management, Andrew Griffin analyses what constitutes good and bad leadership at a time of crisis.

A Clearer Grasp of Corporate Reputation

The majority of large organizations fall far short on measuring their corporate reputation, says John Gilfeather.

Measuring Sponsorships and Events

Katie Delahaye Paine provides guidance on how to measure the impact of events and sponsorships in an increasingly media saturated world.
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