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ITL #205 Corporate blogs: an effective boost for visibility and vitality

How do you create a corporate blog that stands out from the crowd? And what can we learn from the best exponents of the art? By Ina Nikolova.

ITL #204 Before and after: why we need a new approach to crisis management

Progress in moving crisis management from tactics in the ‘war room’ to strategy in the boardroom has been too slow. By Tony Jaques.

ITL #203 Employee engagement: talent retention in the era of the experiential generation

The conventional approach to employee engagement must be turned on its head if employers in the communications business are to get the most out of millennials. By Kavita Rao.

ITL #202 What a doctor looks like: lessons from the Delta debacle

A flight attendant’s unwillingness to believe a black woman was a medical doctor is a shocking example of the kind of crisis that occurs when a company’s purpose, values and behavior are out of alignment. By Jennifer Janson.
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