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ITL #160 Manufactured performances are out: authenticity is the ‘in’ word

From cyber-crime to climate change, a number of trends and issues with global consequences have made authenticity imperative. By Neil Green.

ITL #159 The whistleblower’s story: a modern day battle of David versus Goliath

When a highly experienced public affairs practitioner raised concerns about mismanagement it led to a long and bruising fight with the Department of Veterans Affairs. By Paula Pedene.

ITL #158 The client is not always right: agencies must tell it like it is

It’s easy to see why some agencies fall into the trap of trying to please clients at all costs. But if communications counsel is to be worthwhile, it must be built on honesty. By Colette Ballou.

ITL #157 If you were a brand: what would it say about you?

There may be a big gap between how you are seen by others and how you would like to be seen. Paying attention to your personal branding could change that. By Rob Shimmin.

ITL #156 Assertion-driven journalism: eroding trust in reporting provides a challenge for PR

Declining trust in media reporting has led many corporate communicators to rethink how they deal with enquiries from journalists. By Ulrich Gartner.
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