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Rebuilding Trust in Business

The global financial meltdown has presented professional communicators with a daunting challenge, writes Chris Atkins.

The Hollow Corporation

Businesses are still failing to take advantage of an increasingly diverse stakeholder environment, says Brendon Craigie.

Creating Earthquake Insurance Awareness

A tour of provinces near geological fault lines is the centerpiece of an ambitious campaign to boost uptake of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance in Turkey. By Duygu Cavdar.

Does Global Public Relations Exist?

Amanda Glasgow poses a question that may seem paradoxical given the nature of her job.

Optimizing Sponsorship in Spain

Proving and maximizing sponsorship ROI can be a major headache. Sergi Guillot explains how his company used monitoring and analysis expertise to help Vodafone drive improved performance from its Spanish sponsorship portfolio.

Reflections on Inflections

The relentless growth of all things digital is blurring boundaries and precipitating change on a massive scale. Going forward, writes Aedhmar Hynes, the PR sector needs to invest heavily in training so that the best parts of traditional communications can

Too Few Companies Speak with One Voice

IR and PR should be more closely integrated than is generally the case, asserts Jutta Lorberg.

Multi-market Reach with a Local Touch

Sonya Madeira Stamp provides an independent agency’s perspective on the challenges of achieving reach across a large region.

All in The Family

Optimizing collaboration between complementary clients on an agency roster can create mutually beneficial synergies and make events much more compelling. By Sarah Robarts.

Central Bank Communications: A View from Cleveland (Really!)

Maintaining a stately silence is no longer a feasible option for the world’s central banks. By James Savage.
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