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Beneath a patina of modernity: lessons from a Jakarta crisis

Multinationals operating in Indonesia can learn important crisis management lessons from the high-profile controversy involving a prominent Jakarta school. By Ong Hock Chuan.

Darling, they are just not that into you: lessons from running the reputation of a major multinational corporation

Too many communications departments pump out corporate messages that respond to an internal requirement while ignoring what stakeholders want and need. By John McLaren.

Cross-cultural challenges: the rise of Chinese nationals studying PR in the US

Applications from Chinese students to study PR at US universities have skyrocketed in recent years. As well as creating enormous opportunities, this has led to adjustments in teaching and the introduction of acculturation initiatives. By Rochelle Ford.

On purpose: communicating a clear and compelling mission

Stakeholders and customers are increasingly harsh in judging organisations that lack a purpose beyond profitability. Communications advisers must counsel decision makers about these shifting sands if organisations are to be trusted, loved and successful in
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