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From the World Cup to the approaching Olympic Games: triumphs and challenges in Brazil

In the wake of its acclaimed staging of football’s global showcase, it’s been a challenging year for Latin America’s biggest economy. By Beth Garcia.

Two ears, one mouth: the dawn of a new age of listening

What do Ernest Hemingway, LEGO and Jeremy Corbyn share in common? An appreciation of the value of listening. By Matthew Moth.

Immediacy is only one aspect of the job: planning and strategy in public relations

Making time for serious strategic planning is a long-term investment in the future of an organisation. By Amybel Sánchez de Walther.

Nothing but the story: how PR can become the life force of your entire organisation

Storytelling is a core leadership function. Organisations exist only because of the stories behind them. By Stuart Maister

Overcoming an identity crisis: transmedia branding and the re-invention of public relations

People want to engage with content that matters to them. Brands therefore must tell their stories in a way that is engaging and encourages participation. By Burghardt Tenderich.
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