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Marketing’s self-destructive focus: time to recognise marketers’ real contribution to the creation of shareholder value

If Marketing is to demonstrate its true value to an organisation, Finance Directors should be able to put 10 key questions to their CMOs – and expect to get the right answers. By Malcolm McDonald.

The climate change PR disaster: why is global warming so poorly communicated?

PR’s lack of strong senior leadership on global warming work is an embarrassment to the industry. By Bob Pickard.

The invisible spokesperson: a ‘disease’ rife in Poland

Tracking down official spokespersons in Poland all too frequently requires supreme effort. This problem is symptomatic of a bigger picture in which access to information remains challenging. By Piotr Czarnowski.

The ABC principles: how Chinese companies can control their message in the global marketplace

Chinese enterprises are frequently encumbered by negative perceptions outside their homeland. The remedy involves beefing up opinion-shaping mechanisms to tell their story more persuasively. By Lydia Lei Lee.
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