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To Boldy Go...

International sport is changing shape. With global events scheduled to take place in new markets, Andrew Ager analyses the emerging marketing opportunities.

Change is Good...isn’t it?

Tony Burgess-Webb looks at the implications for the PR industry of some major changes in the communications environment.

Pharma’s Big Reputation Issues

The pharmaceutical sector in the European Union (EU) faces plenty of Public Affairs challenges. By Elaine Cruikshanks.

Pan-European PR Campaign Management

Deborah Gray is scathing about some of the pan-European PR campaigns managed out of the UK. Here she offers tips on avoiding pitfalls, misunderstandings and clashes of culture.

For The Love of Print

Ken Hong is becoming ever more reliant on digital channels for his news fix, yet still finds himself drawn to print media.

The Japan Model

There is much for the rest of the world to learn from the terrible problems Japan currently faces and its approach to dealing with them. By Takashi Inoue.

Brands in the Destination Economy

Destinations need to be marketed as brands with a differentiated image and a story to tell, says Emma Johnson

Building Businesses Through External Relations

A change in focus has upgraded the role of practitioners in public relations and public affairs as companies have had to take a more long-term, strategic approach to communications. By Erik Jonnaert.

The Hermit Kingdom Reconnects

The South Korean economy is in good shape and the country’s consumers are well-educated and gadget-loving. However, writes Tyler Kim, wariness of foreign owned companies still persists.

Corporate Volunteering – From Social to Business Case

Volunteering initiatives can deliver significant added value for internal and external communications, says Georg Lahme
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