ITL #338 - An alternative to hate filled tribalism: lessons from the swinging 60’s for today

Istanbul’s Mayor was elected to office on a platform of “radical love”, calling to mind the flower-power optimism of a bygone era. Dare we hope for more connection, less confrontation? By Richard Linning.

Simple translation is a denial of cultural self expression

Richard Linning believes that the time has come for new PR expressions in the vernacular.

Time for some Blue Sky Thinking?

We in public relations stand accused of being message manipulators and cannot agree on how our added value should be measured. Richard Linning poses some big questions.

The Case for Individual Morality, Responsibility and Tolerance

The new IPRA Code of Conduct refers specifically to the rights of all parties to state their case and express their views. IPRA President Richard Linning assesses this in a historical context and also explores the implications in today’s world.

Viva Peru!

A personal report from Richard Linning on IPRA World Congress XIX in Lima, Peru 1/3 June 2010.

News of Fiction and Pseudo Events

Richard Linning reviews Flat Earth News, the controversial book that exposes falsehoods, distortion and propaganda in the global media – and finds that public relations is not to blame!

Care To Boogie With Google?

The media mob is going online. Richard Linning demonstrates a digital dance of change.
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