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Parable of the Timid, the Uncertain and the Bold

PR practitioners can lead the way in the economic recovery, believes Daniel Tisch, as long as they have the right analytical skills, a broad knowledge of channels and wide-ranging communications expertise.

The Countdown to COP15

The forthcoming climate change conference in Denmark promises to be a tense affair as participants try to balance the exigencies of economic growth with the environmental need to cut carbon emissions. By Paul Taaffe.

The Story Behind Earth Hour

Only three short years ago, Earth Hour didn’t exist. By the time the 2009 event had finished, hundreds of millions of people in more than 4,000 towns and cities in 88 countries embraced the concept. Andrew Sedger reveals how this phenomenal feat occurred.

Simplifying the Science of Sustainability

Dorle Riechert explains how the Wuppertal Institute communicates its complicated research findings to different target audiences in an effective way.

Patriotism, Government Influence and Consumer Wariness

Russia is a large and exceedingly complicated market which many international companies struggle to understand. Nataliya Popovych supplies some pointers to success.

Getting Image Rights Right

As the explosion of online photo and video-sharing transforms the public’s understanding of creative media ownership, Dan Perlet explains how Corbis is making sure creative professionals know how to protect themselves from falling foul of copyright law.

Trust and Short-Termism

Too great a focus on short-term financial performance has become a burning issue in corporate ethics as it undoubtedly contributed to the economic crisis. Brian Moriarty assesses the implications.

The Future of Human Resources and Public Relations

Rašeljka Maras Juričić and Aco Momcilovic discuss the intersection of Public Relations and Human Resources and consider ways in which the interplay between the two disciplines might be improved.

Online Takes The Lion’s Share

Timo Hillbrecht analyses the impact of meteoric developments in the online area on the communications market and explains the new requirements, providing examples through his agency’s work with Ford and Disney.

Trends in Public Affairs

Financial turmoil has thrown into sharp relief the changing nature of our world and brought its complexities to the fore. With this in mind, the opportunities for public affairs experts have never been greater, writes Vivien Hepworth.
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