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ITL #192 Co-driving integrated reporting: an evolution in organizational thinking

The Integrated Reporting Framework should help present a more holistic view of the organization to stakeholders. But it would be foolish for in-house communicators to stand aside and leave it all to the auditors. By Christopher Storck.

ITL #191 Emotional intelligence: a new way to navigate communications

Brands in the travel and hospitality sector can prosper by identifying the right ‘influencers’ to convey stories that are appealing and relevant. By Renu Snehi.

ITL #190 Setting the record straight: the role of communications in Africa’s development

Misinformation and irrelevant romanticization distort perceptions of Africa in the rest of the world. The PR industry must step up and do a better job of telling the real story. By Annie Mutamba.

ITL #189 Capturing attention: how to overcome the problem of content shock

Fear not! Despite the flood of content, marketers can win the fight for attention. By Michael T. Schröder.
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