ITL #156 Assertion-driven journalism: eroding trust in reporting provides a challenge for PR

Declining trust in media reporting has led many corporate communicators to rethink how they deal with enquiries from journalists. By Ulrich Gartner.

Crisis Communication in the Era of Social Media

Social media change the way crisis communication works, but some fundamentals remain the same, says Ulrich Gartner.

Changing Client Demand in Germany

2009 was the worst year for the German PR industry in decades. With budgets for bells and whistles disappearing, qualities like craftsmanship and personal relations are becoming more important again. Ulrich Gartner believes PR agencies may be able to grow

Kitchen Stages Digital Delicacies

PR can take a lead in using new media to engage consumers online. Ulrich Gartner explains how household appliance company Electrolux used the insight that consumers like to perform in their kitchens to create quirky online reality shows.
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