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ITL #381   Global crisis: allowing the Corporate Affairs Director to shine?

The misunderstood role of the Corporate Affairs Director, and why it’s not dissimilar to the Chief Operating Officer. By Matthew Jervois.

ITL #380 Distance learning: bite-sized skills training for PR worldwide

The PR Training Academy provides laser-focused, PR-specific skills training endorsed by IPRA to the industry worldwide. By Ellen Gunning.

ITL #379   Covid-19: accelerating the evolution of corporate communications in Central & Eastern Europe

History never repeats itself exactly, but the 2007-8 financial crisis may provide a few clues as to how the covid-19 crisis will, over time, affect the communications landscape. By Ben Petter.

ITL #378   An eye to the future: sincerity is the new necessity

Brands must prepare for the next generation of consumers who even before adulthood have strong values. By Pelin Kocaalp.
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