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The Battle Against Negative Perceptions

Who says you can chuck PR in times of financial crisis? Certainly not Firas Sleem who is convinced that those companies that emerge from the downturn with the least perceptual damage will be best placed to prosper.

A Vote for Stability and Progress

Positive leadership and inclusive growth are paving the way for India’s future due to successful democracy on an epic scale, writes Radhika Shapoorjee.

What the Wealthy Want

Market research across Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan has provided fascinating insights into what motivates prosperous customers in the region. By Zhenya Pankratieva.

Non-Stop PR at 37,000 Feet

Kristy Nicholas outlines the strategy for putting airline ExpressJet on the map.

Recipe for Success in a Recession

The economic downturn has ravaged many businesses. Yet, as Didier Lagae points out, some PR agencies have continued to prosper. What is their secret?

My Year of Promoting Positive PR

In her final letter to the readers of Frontline, IPRA President 2009 Maria Gergova assesses her legacy in the role, ponders what she has learnt and highlights the importance of positive communication.

A Seat at the Boardroom Table

The recent launch in South Africa of the third version of the King Report on corporate governance has underlined the heightened role for public relations practitioners within organisations, writes Gillian Findlay.

New Age Crisis Communications

Handling a crisis in today’s era of social networking and video sharing websites requires a fresh approach, writes Anne Costello.

Bridging the Divide in the Age of Access

Rishi Bhattacharya moved into Public Relations after working in television as a political correspondent. Although the transition is difficult, he wonders why more journalists aren’t making the switch.

Taking Care of a Food Safety Scare

Lydia Buchtmann charts the practical use of conventional and new media during the Chinese melamine milk contamination crisis in Australia.
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