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ITL #355 Gambling problems: how purpose and sustainability would have saved the betting industry in Kenya

Things would have turned out far better for Kenya’s once high-flying betting companies had they spent less time cultivating a brash image and invested more in stakeholder management and a sustainable positioning. By Amy Wahome.

ITL #354   Changing the rules: public relations in a sharing economy

Businesses in the communications sector have been slow to apply lessons from the sharing economy. By Ilissa Miller.

ITL #353   Looking forward: why strategic communicators need a futurist (and curious) mindset

Futurists are not only curious, they’ve learned to train their curiosity to see things others don’t. Doing so allows them to anticipate customer needs to develop more effective communications. By Stephen Dupont.

ITL #352 Change versus transformation: our new communications imperative

The communication profession must recognize and understand the differences between “change” and “transformation” and develop the distinct skills each require. By Maril MacDonald.
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