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ITL #173 Stuck in a hiring rut: is PR creating its own skills crisis?

In order to thrive, PR must dispense with outdated talent parameters and hire more ‘T-shaped’ practitioners who possess wide-ranging skills alongside great depth of knowledge in one specific area. By Anne Costello.

ITL #172 Content is king: becoming a thought leader in your field

How can you ensure your business stands out from the crowd and is perceived as a genuine expert in its market? By Susanna Simpson.

ITL #171 Generating trust: in the shadow of obsolescence?

Clients are demanding PR agencies move beyond a traditional approach. Although new models remain unclear, no one doubts that building trust will be intrinsic. By Robert H Holdheim.

ITL #170 Volunteering for the greater good: boosting the profile of PR by assisting Rotary International

Rotary International is renowned for its good works. Helping the organisation is an opportunity for IPRA members to support deserving causes while furthering understanding of strategic communications. By Jane Hammond.

ITL #169 The barriers of everyday practice: challenges in implementing the Barcelona Principles 2.0

The PR world is in two minds about whether or not to implement the Barcelona Principles. By Hubert Wisse.
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