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How PR helps the green sector find a voice

Kevin Dorrian sees a lot of PR potential across a rapidly growing sector.

Measuring PR: how do we get it right?

IPRA President 2012 Johanna McDowell raises some crucial questions in relation to measuring the impact and effectiveness of communications activities.

Enjoy refreshing

Cross-Cultural Communications and Global PR can all too easily go wrong. Helen Bannigan looks at some awful blunders.

Golden rules for PR in the Middle East

Kuwait-based PR agency head Fawaz Al-Sirri lists four fundamental things that newcomers to communications in the Middle East need to know.

Scenario thinking gives the edge in communication

hen it comes to communication, scenario thinking helps predict how certain situations may develop and how the organisation should communicate on them. By Ernst Moeksis.

Purposeful brands and companies: the power to ignite

Only brands with a strong purpose can really connect with today’s highly influential "citizen" consumers, says Carol L. Cone.

The truth about managing global business

To make a real success of handling multi-market accounts, agencies need to offer far more than scale and practice expertise. By Bronwen Andrews.

Taking on a virtual world

Alan Lane talks to PR veteran Ulrich Gartner on the newly formed virtual agency InfiniteLatitude – a globally spread group of individuals competing with the PR majors
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