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ITL #280  - Living large in a small world: PR in the land of the number eight wire

Communicators in New Zealand must be creative and ingenious to overcome a range of challenges, including comparatively small budgets. By Claudia Macdonald.

ITL #279 - David, Davida, Davetta, Davina and Goliath: how individuals can create positive change

Due to pollution, environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources, our planet seems to be hurtling towards disaster. We all have a part to play in averting catastrophe by championing sustainability. By Alistair Peck.

ITL #278   -  Feeding the spirit: navigating our political and social landscape

At a time of nosediving trust, retail giant Kroger is striving to reduce hunger by eliminating food waste. By Jessica Adelman.

ITL #277 Social media: how it influences decision-making

Research shows that social media influences decision-making across industries and age groups. By Marcia DiStaso and Tina McCorkindale.

ITL #276 - The silent revolution: the new face of public relations

More channels, eroding trust in traditional media and new demands on the client side: the world of PR is changing dramatically. But these market challenges could form a new type of communication agency. By Michael Tobias.
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