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ITL #201 High time for change: promoting cannabis in Canada

Legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use will likely be tabled by the Canadian government in 2017, bringing interesting PR challenges in its wake. By Carol Levine.

ITL #200 Untapped potential: Tell me a good story and I shall listen

Many B2B businesses ignore the power of storytelling in the mistaken belief that emotionally driven brand communication belongs only in the B2C realm. By Camilla Lercke.

ITL #199 The new face of PR: mathematics, big data, technology and creativity

If public relations is to deliver the results clients crave, practitioners must embrace new ways of working. By Sandra Sinicco.

ITL #198 International agency structures: is there a perfect solution?

Settling on the right PR agency network solution can be a big headache for clients. What should be borne in mind when making a decision? By Lyle Closs.
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