A major change in attitudes: Gen X are from Mars, Gen Y are from Venus

There’s a worrying gap between what employers and marketers believe younger people want...and what they really do want. Change is coming. By Jonathan Simnett.

Agency leadership: PR’s perennial people problem

It’s still commonplace for agency bosses not to understand what attracts and motivates employees in terms of company culture and personal development. By Jonathan Simnett.

The key to communicating clearly – box the tics

Sloppy language, jargon, cliché, padding and other forms of lazy communication can be annoying and sometimes even damaging to your prospects. It’s time to stamp out bad habits. By Jonathan Simnett.

Are you a leader or just a boss? Check your emotional intelligence

A bad boss inspires fear and loathing, whereas a good leader generates enthusiasm and goodwill. By Jonathan Simnett.
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