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ITL #347  - Social permitting: strategic communications and the path to development

Lack of public trust in energy infrastructure projects presents a big challenge. By Jeff Risley.

ITL #346 How to write an international text on public relations: a practical approach

Writing a book inevitably introduces you to new people and new concepts. And it’s hard to beat the sight of your own name on the cover. By Ellen Gunning.

ITL #345 Marketing and public relations: crossover or crossed wires?

An integrated communications model can be a hugely effective and efficient way to manage an increasingly complex and interconnected stakeholder universe. By Simon Sproule.

ITL #344 - Emotions and memories: storytelling that draws in the target audience

If a brand can connect with people through a suitable emotional trigger, it becomes more real, infinitely more personal and far more compelling than an advert that bangs on about amazing product features. By Rakhee Lalvani.
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